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unreal [Aug. 9th, 2005|03:14 pm]
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Well, summer is coming to a close for me. I move back in to good ole Tyson Hall on the 22nd. Got my roomate info and such, talked to him the other day and he seems like a cool kid. But thats what ive said about my other 2 roomates and they turned to to be complete dicks.

Last friday i went to the Chevelle, Taproot, and 30 Seconds to Mars concert. Fucking unreal! All three bands blew the house down. Then on saturday it was down to LBI to a friends house. Had a great time as usual.

I am now officially done with work as of Friday and it feels GREAT! Now i can do whatever for the next 2 weeks or so. With that, yesterday me and Paxson went to go see Murderball. It is such a great movie. Then later that night went over his house hung out with sherman and helle.

I have no real plans for tomorrow or thursday. Friday is Warped Tour with Pax, Sherman, and my sister. Should be amazing. Then saturday morning...as in 6:00AM...im driving up to the Pocanos to meet up with my mom, dad, aunt, and cousin who will be at Camp Jeep. So i will be there until sunday morning, be home late sunday afternoon.

guess that be it for now...

[User Picture]From: satinzlilangel
2005-08-09 08:52 pm (UTC)
warped tour! lucky.. i wanna go sooooo bad!
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