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bout time.... [Sep. 7th, 2005|11:31 pm]
[mood |determineddetermined]
[music |david letterman on tv]

WOW!...its been quite sometime since a real legit entry...so what does every college student do at 11:30PM on a Wednesday night?...they update their live journal...

Lets go back for a second here...

The rest of my summer was a blast!...I went to Warped Tour on August 12th...that was just unbelieveable. Every band that I wanted/looking foward to seeing, was awesome. Highlights of the day include...my sister loosing her sandles during My Chemical Romance, me crowd surfing during Dropkick Murphys, me almost passing out from heat exhaustion within 15 mins of getting to the Tweeter Center...Some bands that really kicked ass that everyone should listen to, if u arent already...Hawthorne Heights, Senses Fail, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Funeral For A Friend, Motion City Soundtrack, Avenged Sevenfold, and Atreyu.

Hung out with the Medford folk a ton...had my first White Castle burger, sooo goood! Went and saw Four Brothers...such a great movie. There were other great moments...just cant think of them at this moment in time.

I moved into my dorm of the 22nd of August. Band camp was great...long and hot...but great. It was awesome seeing everyone again. Our show is coming along great, from what I hear, we have ONE of the best shows in the area. We are playing some hard charts that will blow ya'll away. Club 604 LIVES (haha)....Classes started on the 29th...my schedule is aweosome...if u really care what it is just ask me...Phi Mu Alpha is back up and running...we had our first informal rush the other night, 9 guys came out...so hopefully this is a good sign.

Concerts are always a necessary to talk about here for me...here are the ones I will be attending in the near future...
Fall Out Boy, The Starting Line, Motion City Soundtrack - October 10th at Electric Factory
My Chemical Romance - October 21st in Baltimore
Avenged Sevenfold - November 1st at The Trocadero

That would be it for now...I do have my car on campus...so i will be making visits to some of u in the future, my when gas is so freaking high.

From: viva_la_kona
2005-10-11 07:04 pm (UTC)

yr crazy

yr crazy but awesome!!!
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